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Poster: ClassicTVofUSA Date: Feb 23, 2020 11:49pm
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: multiple beheadings video!
Go to just before the 10th minute until about 11.15 but I warn you not to watch. There are about 20 young men being walked along past the camera held by Isis members in army gear. They walk their prisoner each past a box where they take a hunting knife as they pass, as the knives are placed for them to take. They end standing in a line where they have their prisoner on their knees in front of the feet of the knife man's feet. The camera lingers on the faces of the doomed, while Isis freaks give a speech. Then, in sync, they all take the head of their prisoner and, well, start sawing under the neck. This whole thing couldn't have been set up and staged any better for full effect on camera. It truly is the most gross thing I've watched and I watch some pretty dire stuff sometimes.
Anyway, the whole thing ends with a panning shot across the line of knifemen standing next to the dead bodies, each with a head sitting atop the back and the neck stump facing the camera.
If that isn't graphic violence I don't know what is.
This should be removed!
I flagged it but how long will it take.
Also, it is reposted on the site and the user has posted other videos with similar content.